Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fuji Instant Film

For my birthday March 2013, I received a Polaroid Land Camera from my girlfriend wife. This is one of the most enjoyable camera's I have ever used. After shooting one pack of film, I immediately ordered a bunch more knowing I would be use this all the time And that I did, I brought it everywhere with me. Earlier this week Fuji announced that they will be discontinuing their Black and White instant film. This is sad news. The black and white instant film is so versatile, its high speed (ISO 3200) and grain free. It will be missed. Fuji will still make their color film which is nice so I will still be able to shoot with this camera, but not in a wide variety of shots. With the color film being ISO 100, It will pretty much be outside day time.  Here are a bunch of my favorite shots with this amazing camera.

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